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What is Bowling League?

So my wife is on a weekly volleyball league and when they don't have games they sometimes go to wine tastings and hang out. I said to her that I should have a guys' night out. She said that was a great idea. So I'm organizing it. Every 4 weeks or so, I'm going to invite everybody to go do something. Although it will be something different each time, I'm going to call it "Bowling League." Our first Bowling League night was the first Friday of March Madness at Buffalo Wild Wings New Berlin and 17 guys showed up! Everybody is invited so feel free to forward this and invite that buddy you haven't seen for awhile or whoever. I probably left some guys off the list, not because I meant to, but because I don't want to work too hard thinking. So let me know if there's somebody I should add for future messages (or if you want a different email used, or want me to remove you). Again, Bowling League should hopefully be a fun time to hang out and everyone is welcome. If you can't make this time, I hope you can make it to the next Bowling League night. And feel free to suggest future places to go and things to do. Cheers.

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